Exotic Interior Remodeling, Inc. (EIR) was established by Ernie Wynter a third generation contractor, who from a teenager developed a zest for building construction through his father, the late Linton O. Wynter. Ernie has worked in South Florida since the early 2000 supervising, designing and constructing the interior of homes from the ritz of Miami to the Treasure Coasts.

There is no challenge too large for EIR since the business thrives off of challenges and satisfying the needs of its clients. Communication, understanding the clients’ needs, hard work and perseverance are the focuses of EIR as it strives to exceed the expectations of its clients.

EIR will at all times provide quality services through professionalism, attention to detail and thoroughness in all jobs and services rendered. We will work in concert with team members to eliminate the hassle and stress that individuals customarily experience during remodeling projects. The client’s comfort and satisfaction is our primary focus as we strive to provide a quality service in an affordable and efficient manner.

Our Guarantee

Quality services and standards are achieved via a wide range of features. Firstly, EIR only works with the most skilled and qualified personnel for each job. Our skilled workers are well experienced to complete a wide variety of jobs, hereby achieving maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Secondly, all jobs, whether small or large are treated in the same manner – nothing but the best is offered. All projects are stamped with the final approval of the Managing Director who takes a ‘hands on’ approach and not only views remodeling as a mere job, but as a passion.